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FAQ devices

Open the link below:

From this link, you can download the drivers and other files also.

Few Possibilities

MFS100 device is used in many Government application. On the respective website, the driver files are available. They have provided a support file also. The first priority is to download driver files from the site.

Drivers are not installed. If drivers are not installed then open the below link:
Link :
Download Driver files - Install Demo Application then You can check with it

Open Computer Management Window ( Right click on My computer – click on manage ) OR ( click on start – do right click on Computer – select manage) Then click on Device Manager – Click on Universal Serial Bus Controller – You may see mfs100 (if drivers are installed ) or Unknown Device is a system device section. Follow 1 OR 2 option.

This error will come if the device is damaged. In this case, you need to contact the person from whom a device has been purchased. You can send the device for repair or replacement.

In this case - make sure that USB host is open for the device. Maybe the device USB plug must be damaged; due to this reason, you are not able to detect it in the system. Kindly contact a concerned person from whom you have purchased the device.

1) Call on our Support Number: 079 69268000, Press 1

2) Support Mail :

Complain Logging Assigning Authority Contact Info
1st level escalationServico Support Team07969268000 - Press 1
2nd Level EscalationTeam Lead Servico07969268000 - Press 132
3rd Level EscalationOperation Manager07969268000 - Press 143

FAQ PayTime

Kindly login into Administrator Account through your computer. If you do not have this type of account, then please create such account and use it for installation. Make sure that the antivirus software must not block the link:

You can download the setup.exe file and then run as administrator. The software will be Installed within 20-25 min, it also depends on the internet speed. After the Installation process, you will be asked for the set parameter. Click on the set parameter and Login window will be opened.

A 'Paytime' logo will get created, and the login window will get open. Then You can click on License Button. Fill up all the details. The license file will be sent on Company's e-mail address. Download the file and deploy the file. After 2 minutes, a login window will get activated. Now add Admin's username and password, and the software will get opened.

In this case, either SQL connection file will be reset on by default setting or we need to check for SQL service name. Originally it might be saved with a service name which is created in SQL.

Open Start → Microsoft SQL Server → Configuration tools → SQL Server Configuration manager → SQL Server Services → You can see the service name. Set the parameter again as per the service name.

Another possibility is that the service might be get stopped. A red coloured symbol can be seen. In that case, we need to create a new service and set the database connection again.

(1)Open device master in PayTime software. Make sure you have added all device details. If not then as per your device, add the device details such as Name, ID, port number, IP, password (if added in the device). Now select device type and device name.

(2)If you download the data via LAN then make sure that you have added valid IP. IP shall give a ping. For that open command prompt and write “ping (write your IP)” Ex: ping - then press enter. It should give a ping, if not then it will show 'Host Unreachable' or 'Request timeout'. If IP is pinging, you can download the data from LAN option.

(3)If you are downloading the data via USB cable attached device then make sure in 'My Computer' the device icon shall be displayed. Now it will be sure that the device is detected in the system.

Make sure you have selected correct device. After checking the device select import file once again in the software.

The first possibility is, if the logs are already downloaded in software then it will not show again in the window. Secondly, check in employee master – details of an employee has to be added.

This error usually appears when the .ocx files are not registered automatically while we open any downloading page in the software - Paytime. There must be a rights issue which is not letting it happen.

In that case, we can manually register by choosing a manual path of system32. From the 'Paytime' software's Application path – Right click on .ocx file. Then click on open with option – click on browse option – select path c:\ windows \system32 \regsvr32 – and click on OK button. If a file will get registered then the 'success' message will be appeared with the window or else a 'fail' message will be displayed.

In case of a fail message: open command prompt as administrator. Then take the path of Application, write command: regsvr32 biotime8.ocx and then press Enter. A success message will appear and one by one write .ocx file names then again the success message will appear.

Now you can download data from the device.

In the PayTime software, Open menu Transaction – select the option 'Manual Punching'. From the page, you can select employee – time – punch type and save the punch. Make sure you have an idea about missing punch. After adding punch, open Download menu and select the Data Receive Option and then complete the process. Now, You can check reports.

In case of changing shift of an employee for a few days or rating shift, you can use this feature. Need to select Shift to be assigned – date duration – employee and then save the record. When the data downloading takes place, the software will consider this shift allocation first and then arrange the logs in the reports. You can assign shift for the previous month also and after assignment, you need to perform data rollback from download menu for the employees and perform data receive.

Pen Scheduler Master – Fill up the details as per requirement and press Save.

Open Download Menu – Select Start Stop Services and start the scheduler. The logo will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. From there, Right click and open the window. At a specified time the logs will be downloaded and it will appear with all details.

For accessing the reports – you must receive logs and check the reports. You can change the time of a scheduler but after making any changes restart the scheduler for activation once.

There are several options available for downloading data.

(1)LAN: You can download the data from LAN – configure IP with the device – add details in device master. Check IP ping status. Then open download menu in PayTime – select data downloading (using LAN) – Select added a device – Click on data download – logs will be shown in grid Window – At the end of the process it will ask for data reception. Receive the data and check the reports.

(2)USB cable: make sure you have connected the device with USB cable properly. The Device icon will appear on 'My Computer'. If an icon does not appear, then check the cable. After the icon appears you can download data from many Download in 'PayTime' by selecting the option Data Downloading (Using Com Port Or USB Port).

(3)Text File (You can export text file from device in pen drive or in SD Card ) : In PayTime Software – from Download Menu – select Data Downloading (Using Text file / SD Card / Pendrive ) - Browse File – click on Import – Logs will be shown in the grid and then from Download menu select Data Receive – After completing the process check report.

For BioTime 4-5 – Open Download menu – Select Delete Manager – Select device BioTime 4-5 – Click on delete manager. If the IP is already known by you then you can delete manager from LAN connection; in another option, you can connect the device with USB cable and delete manager from delete manager USB.

Connect the device in LAN connection Only.

Open Download Menu – Select Set User Name on Device – Select device – Select name – Click on Set User Name.

After end of the process – check on device

Connect device with system. Install drivers from the application path of PayTime software.

Open utility Menu and select Option open application path.

At the Application path folder name: MFS100 Driver. Install the drivers. Check device in device manager (open computer manager – Right click on my computer – Select manage)

In device manager – select universal bus controller option – Mfs100 will be seen there.

Open Download Menu – Select Start – Stop Services – Double click on MFS verification – then click on start – the service will be started and notification will appear in the notification area of the taskbar.

Open MFS Menu – Select Enrollment option – make sure you have added all the details in employee master – Select employee id – Red light glows on the scanner – press three different fingers on a scanner and the Enrollment will get complete.

Select verification – Click on verification – press any one finger that is previously enrolled. Pop up window will be appeared, showing the details.

Now you can receive the data from download menu and check in report.

You can use MFS100 device as an attendance device in the software.

Open PayTime Software – Open Utility Menu – Select Master import – Download sample file from given link.

Go through the terms and conditions – fill up data as per the given example. From the same page browse a file and import the master data. You can prepare an Excel or CSV file. It is a one-time activity to add employee facility. You can not edit an employee by importing the file again and again.

Open PayTime software – Select utility Menu – Select data backup option – Browse the path in any drive – then click on backup – the backup file will be taken and a 'success' message will appear. Do not select the path from the desktop.

Open Link :

Click on PayTime ESS service button – after it gets downloaded – Install the service. You can check in the control panel whether service is installed or not.

Another option is, you can open link Download Service and PayTime apk also. Install apk in any android device.

Open software – Open Masters Menu – Make andro scheduler – add all the details as per your concern. Save the scheduler details.

Open menu Android Settings
Android User: Select one by one employee and check andro userbox. You can make one admin user also who can access all the details of all employee.
Android System Setting: Fill up all the details – create UCC code (unique company code)

Now open Download menu and select option Start-Stop service – Start data download scheduler.

At the set time in scheduler – data will sync and you can see the logs n Andro System Setting page by click on Andro Sync Logs – One window will be opened after the Sync – success log will appear.

Now Open Link :

Add UCC code – Employee id same In username and password for the first-time login. After login at the first screen, it will ask for reset password. You can reset a password and check the dashboard.

Same you can see in the Android device by access PayTime apk.