Founded in 2006, Mantra is an undisputed leader in Biometrics & RFID industry in India. Fingerprint Scanners and IRIS Sensors are the primary products of Mantra.

Mantra's focus is to provide innovative products and solutions with a set of innovation. Mantra emphasizes to promote intellectual qualities in an individual and amongst the team to provide the best solutions before various clients in a cost effective manner.

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Our Expertise in Securing

Mantra offers safety and security solutions for every industry. Having vast experience and best practices know-how in security solution implementation makes Mantra a high grade safety and security solution provider. Mantra implemented their business integrated security solutions in diverse industries, from manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, health care, banking & finance, retail, hotels to government agencies.

Our Product Based Solutions

Any country's national advancement objectives are reflected within the sustainable development objectives. Biometrics have the capability to change and contribute to the sustainable development objectives. Mantra's fingerprint, iris and face detection biometric machine offers total security solutions for effective enrollment, identification & authentication of an individual.

Our Projects

From protecting your business through restricting access to sensitive areas of your facilities to providing customized solutions as per business security needs without incurring any additional cost for the security system makes us the trusted biometric technology partners for many businesses. Have a look at a few of our projects and product's installation done for the client.

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Our clientele Says

Read what some of our customers have to say about our solutions and services. See why businesses like yours should choose Mantra as their security partner.

Latest News & Events

Mantra latest news, events & blogs is the hub for security-related information across the small, medium and enterprise levels of business. Learn more about how you can protect your business with insights and updates on security solutions, event and technology through our latest events & blogs.

26 Sep, 19

Mantra Softech Was Honored with the ELCINA Award for Excellence in Electronics Innovation 2019

Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. has won the ELCINA Awards 2019 in the category of Excellence in Electronics Innovation.

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23 Sep, 19

Mantra Softech Wins the 9th CII Design Excellence Awards in the Industrial Design Category

Mantra Softech device mTerminal100 – A biometric POS Terminal has been recognized at CII Design excellence award, winning the “Industrial Design: Electronic, Computer and Communication Products” category.

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Mantra has received an Appreciation Letter from Lok Sabha Secretary

Appreciation Letter was given by the Lok Sabha Secretary to Mantra Softech for providing exceptional biometric products and services.

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