Biometric Device for
BHIM Aadhaar Payment

BHIM (termed as Bharat Interface for Money Aadhaar) Aadhaar Payment is an Aadhaar established digitized payment platform rolled out by GOI for facile, effortless and real-time payment process with the aid of Aadhaar enabled biometric fingerprint device. The BHIM Aadhaar Pay (forming the foundation of ‘Digital India’) is a mobile based Application, set forth for the merchants/vendors wherein they digitally acquire the payment from the consumers upon successful biometric verification/authentication.

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Our Biometric Device for BHIM Aadhaar Payment

BHIM Aadhaar Pay was floated beneath the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for a convenient and prompt computerized installment mode for efficiently attaining payment from the customers/consumers. BHIM is a real-time payment App that entitles the merchants/vendors to acquire payment from the customers/consumers in exchange of goods/services by simply identifying them with the utilization of biometric fingerprint scanner. BHIM Aadhaar Pay works on any smartphone (with android version higher than 4.4), provided that it shall be connected with a biometric fingerprint device for executing secured & reliable transactions guaranteeing confidentiality.

BHIM-Aadhaar-Pay is a biometric led payment mode that precisely validates the customers or consumers by capturing their biometric characteristics to execute trusted payment service. It can be deemed as a one-stop solution to implement reliable mode of payment in India to stimulate growth by optimizing payment process. Our Aadhaar enabled biometric device MFS100 is a high-quality fingerprint sensor for rapid and accurate verification & authentication of an individual. Our fingerprint scanner is reluctant to scratches, vibrations, any external impacts and electrostatic shocks. Our fingerprint scanner is STQC/UIDAI certified, which is ideal for multiple Aadhaar based applications. Our Aadhaar based fingerprint biometric reader MFS100 is best choice for validating & authenticating the customers efficiently, accurately and quickly that paves a way for reliable digital payment.

Infrastructure Required for BHIM Aadhaar Payment

Merchants willing to employ BHIM-Aadhaar-Pay for digitally acquiring the payments from the consumers in a proficient, protective and precise mode will require the following infrastructure:

Merchants are required to link their 12-digits Aadhaar number to their corresponding bank accounts.

Android smartphone having strong internet connectivity which supports OTG port for efficiently connecting the biometric fingerprint scanner is obligatory.

STQC certified Aadhaar enabled biometric fingerprint scanner is imperative to validate the consumers/customers for conducting secure transactions.

Downloading the BHIM-Aadhaar Payment App on an Android smartphone/registered device (The App can be obtained effortlessly from the android platform named Google Play Store).

BHIM Aadhaar Payment Authentication Process Flow

Biometric Device for BHIM Aadhaar Payment

Step - 1The merchants/vendors will download the BHIM-Aadhaar-Pay App on a registered device be it a Android smartphone, tablet and any other.

Step - 2Now, the merchants will require entering the details of their bank account in the App to take advantage of BHIM-Aadhaar-Pay.

Step - 3After downloading the BHIM-Aadhaar App, the vendors or merchants shall connect an Aadhaar enabled biometric fingerprint scanner device with their smartphone/registered device.

Step - 4For the consumers/customers willing to pay by means of BHIM-Aadhaar-Pay, it is essential for them to enter their 12-digit Aadhaar number.

Step - 5Next, a consumer will validate himself/herself for accomplishing the payment with the assistance of a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Step - 6In the fullness of time, payment is processed digitally over successful customer/consumer authentication by means of their biometric details.

Mantra is a leader in biometric industry. Mantra Aadhaar based fingerprint biometric reader MFS100 is best choice for authenticating the customers efficiently, accurately and quickly.

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MFS 100

Mantra MFS100 biometric fingerprint scanner is high quality USB fingerprint biometric device for fingerprint authentication. MFS100 is based on optical sensing technology which efficiently recognizes poor quality fingerprints easily.

Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed interface

Scratch free sensor surface

500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor

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