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Founded in 2006, Mantra is the undisputed leader in Biometrics & RFID industry in India. Fingerprint Scanner and IRIS sensors are the primary products of Mantra.

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Mantra's focus is to provide innovative products and solutions with a set of innovation. Mantra emphasizes to promote intellectual qualities in an individual and amongst the team to provide the best solutions before various clients in a cost-effective manner.

Mantra Softech is a global hi tech manufacturer of biometric products and solutions. We offer a wide range of products in biometric and RFID industry. This dream project of like minded visionaries started in 2006 continues to push the envelope on biometric system capabilities. Customer's rapidly growing requirements for complex and sophisticated security system are the inspiration behind Mantra's Innovative products and solutions.

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Globally recognized as one of the leaders in this field, Mantra continues to position itself as an innovation driven brand. Mantra's product portfolio includes Fingerprint Sensors, IRIS Sensor, Integrated Fingerprint Devices, Integrated IRIS Devices, POS / MicroATM / Financial Terminal, IRIS Recognition in Mobile and many more biometric devices. New products and solutions are added every year in our services and in the product category to meet the future needs of business in terms of their security concerns. Our security solutions include Business Security Systems, Enterprise Security Solution, Integrated Security Solution, Access control system, Smart City Solution, Airport Solution, suitable for application in both SME and large enterprises.

Mantra is the pioneer of Aadhaar, enabling biometric devices which are currently used by the Indian government for the social welfare scheme, and also by telecom and banking sector for KYC purposes. Our manufacturing units are equipped with cutting-edge technology, intense automation and zero chance of human error. Mantra’s state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility is in Ahmedabad.

Our valuable assets are the Mantra brand, R&D and Manufacturing facilities along with unparalleled, multilayer distribution network. With a view of taking our range of products to distant corners, we have carved out a strong network around the globe. In addition, Mantra's international presence spans across African and middle eastern countries.

Mantra is one of the few players in the industry to have successful R&D facilities to improve product functionality and develop new products which are future proof. As for quality standards, Mantra is committed to the core values of integrity, ethical practices and responsibility towards customers and the environment. Brilliant quality and design achieved by the vision of our leaders, has led to the rapid growth of Mantra as a global brand and Mantra has now become a powerhouse of biometric innovations in just a few years even though it is just a beginning.

Total 300 Employees across India

Total 5 Branch offices across India

Largest Biometric Manufacturer in India

Serves 20% of Top 50 Corporates in India

Serves 80% of Central government offices

Support & Marketing people in 24 states of India