Optics & Imaging Engineering

We produce sophisticated optics and optical systems for absolute precision, reliability, and speed. Our modern optical systems are integral to our biometric systems.

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Our Optics & Imaging Engineering

Mantra offers a broad range of development services and products. These include optical system solutions and components in the field of biometrics. We also develop projects from prototype to manufacture, ideally tailoring our applications and requirements. We support our clients right from their initial idea through the design stage to production, assembly, and quality control.

Optoelectronic Systems

Optoelectronic Systems

Decades of experience and comprehensive expertise enable us to combine optics, electronics, mechanics, and software in our solutions. Our set of core competencies gives us a competitive edge. We reduce risk through in-house production and our clients get the benefit of the fastest possible market launch times.

Mantra develops the highest quality optoelectronic systems. All of our solutions and products correspond to ISO standards in the Biometric Industry. To ensure the performance and functionality of our products, we perform a range of evaluations from spot checks to comprehensive examinations, using specific testing methods.

We have successfully applied our core competencies in developing the market different systems to advance biometric devices and modules.