Face Recognition

Face recognition is regarded to be a faster and precious method of image analysis for human verification and authentication through an individual’s facial contour.

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In the current era, a human face is not only used for social interactions but also extensively utilized to unlock various devices. This particular technology is well known as Face recognition. It utilizes the human face to act as a password for multiple devices employing biometric face recognition technology. A person is no longer required to remember passwords that can be easily forgotten, lost or stolen. As technology advances, facial recognition system is getting more potential in various industries ranging from Enterprises, Hospitals, Law enforcement, Retail, Hospitality to Marketing.

Face Recognition

Face scanner is the future generation recognition system that provides an incredibly versatile human verification process. Its application is not restricted for the security concerns only but also promptly expands the outreach in a commercial domain.

Facial recognition system captures still images or live video images to identify an individual through a certain distance as it does not involve any physical interaction with the person. The images captured will be in the form of nodal points that is compared with the existing nodal points present in the system to identify a pre-registered individual.

The non-contact procedure rendered by biometrics face recognition technology provides a safe, rapid and reliable solution as compared to other biometric recognition systems like a fingerprint scanner, Palm Vein Scanner, IRIS Scanner, etc.

Mantra’s Face recognition technology couples various Biometric facial features. Mantra has a wide range of innovative products with a team of profound engineers rendering innovative integrated biometric machines which has all in one functionality such as a Facial recognition fingerprint scanner, QR code reader, barcode reader and IRIS scanner.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Mantra’s face recognition is so reliable that it can capture the images of a face irrespective of some traits i.e. age, gender, skin tone, and size as it doesn’t create any negative impact in identification. Additionally, Face recognition technology is also useful for border control security, national identification process, immigration at the airports and much more. Apart from this, it can also be employed in access control, monitoring and mobility solutions.

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