OEM Modules

OEM Modules

Mantra provides a variety of OEM modules. These modules are open to the system integrators, developers and manufacturers. Our OEM modules can be integrated efficiently with any hardware and have the best quality processing algorithms.

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Our OEM Modules

With OEM modules, integrators can rapidly add the benefits of fingerprint applications in their devices.

Our modules are electro-optics having best quality processing algorithms and products are certified & recognized by (FBI, Indian STQC).


MFS100 Module

MFS100 is a high quality USB fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authentication to access desktop or network security.

Image Resolution : 500 DPI/ 256 Gray

Sensor Certification : STQC/UIDAI

Interface : High Speed USB 2,Plug & Play

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MFS100 V2 Module

MFS100 V2 is an elegant fingerprint device used for the Identification, verification and authentication processes of an individual.

Fingerprint Sensor : Optical Scratch Free Sensor

Image Resolution : 500 DPI +/- 5%

Platen Size : 16 mm x 18.2 mm

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MFS500 Module

MFS500 is a high-quality fingerprint scanner for accurate fingerprint authentication process.

Fingerprint Sensor : Optical Scratch Free Sensor

Platen Size : 16.4 mm x 18 mm

Light Source : Red LED

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MFS500 LX Module

MFS500 LX is a fingerprint scanner with high durability that ensures robustness.

Active Platen Size : 16 mm x 18 mm

Image Size : 316 x 354 Pixels

Approx Weight : 0.028 Kg

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Mapro OX is a faster, accurate and reliable fingerprint scanner used for the authentication and verification purposes.

Image Capture Speed (Continuous) : 5 FPS

Sensing Area : 16 mm x 18 mm

Image Grayscale : 256 (8 - Bit Gray Level)

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Mapro CX is a secure and reliable fingerprint scanner for precise identification, verification and authentication process.

Fingerprint Sensor : Advanced Capacitive Sensor

Spatial Resolution : 500 DPI +/-5 %

Sensing Area : 16 mm x 18 mm

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MIS100 V2 Module

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition.

Image Resolution : 640 x 480 Pixel

Imaging Wavelength : 700 - 900 nm (NIR)

Capture Mode : Auto and Manual

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Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition.

Fast recognition: MobiIRIS gives recognition of IRIS within 1 sec. It is faster than unlocking phone by pattern or passkey.

User friendly: MobiIRIS scan eyes from 15mm-22mm. Long distance gives required flexibility and user need not to adjust according to camera.

Secured: MobiIRIS is far more secured than traditional fingerprint, pattern, key or Password.

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