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Growing with every project, gaining invaluable experience and in depth knowledge of clients' requirements, Mantra projects & SI division is the concept to completion solution provider for enterprise authentication platform of manpower mapping and tracking.

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Our Business Security Systems

Industrial and Enterprise Manpower Management works not only to assign the best manpower, but also to authenticate the right expertise to the right job at the right time. The current system differentiates from the traditional manpower scheduling, as it provides authorized manpower productivity that involve Enterprise time management and security.


We are Industry leading Business Security Solutions provider for Enterprises. Our Integrated Security solution has been implemented in leading companies in various Industries to help & improve their business security and productivity. We understand the needs of enterprises on a national, regional or local level, by learning their requirements to develop and implement custom solutions that help them in becoming safer and smarter businesses.

Enterprise Business Solution
Time & Attendance System


Every Company's goal is to optimize resources and maximize productivity for achieving operational excellence in a cost-effective way. Our time and attendance solution assists organizations in maintaining an effective time management of a workforce, that also helps in analyzing return on invested man-hours.

Our solution simplifies the task of monitoring employees' time and attendance along with the collection of data. Our time tracking cloud based software Minop helps you in accessing your workforce productivity and data management at any time and anywhere.


Our Contract & Labor Management System; is designed for Businesses to have better monitoring and control over the workers and labourers working under them. With the help of our System, Businesses can implement Security Rules and Regulations that will help them in forming a Safe & Secured workplace. Our System has helped multiple Organizations for the management of Contract Laborers. Our Solution leads to an Integrated system that includes both - Hardware & Software components.

Contract & Labour Management System
Workforce Management System


Our Workforce Management system provides Employee access control system in the workplace through a state of the art user interface. It provides a comprehensive automated control through cloud computing, for timely access of the information to take corrective action. Our system has been specifically designed to meet the requirement of an Organization having either local centres or the remotely located back office or multiple branch offices for the operations.

Our system offers a comprehensive solution set for, evaluating, managing and analyzing workforce productivity by interacting with the Centralized system.


Our Personal File Management System enables HR departments to effectively maintain employee data and equip HR personnel with secure and easy access to the employee database.

Using our system, Organizations can store employee information electronically at one location that minimises the time spent on searching for information while increasing the security. Our system also supports extensive data compliance work and ensures that employees' critical information remains secure.

Personal File Management System
Payroll Management System


With the expanding Organizations, Employee Management becomes a difficult task to manage. Every developing Business requires the Payroll Management System, which is easy to use and considered to be a powerful tool to manage the employee payroll by HR. Our company offers a cutting edge Payroll Management System to manage all types of Organization's workforce payroll.

Payroll Management System takes your human resources management to the next level. Our System is easy to implement that have extensive features & reports and can help you in processing payroll timely along with high accuracy.


Vehicle tracking systems combine the Hardware and Software to collect information about vehicle location, the condition of a vehicle, driver's personal information and other useful information which sends it to the control room for monitoring. If you are looking for an efficient vehicle tracking system, then we are be the best choice for you.

Vehicle Tracking
Library Management


Manually feeding the data for thousands of books in a library is a very hectic procedure. Our systems are super effective in Recording and Organizing library's books data in a catalogue format which helps in easy Categorization and sorting of the books.


These systems are engaged in places where manually handling the canteen for numerous people is nearly impossible. These systems follow an automated approach towards serving that regularly displays Order No. and other relevant details.

Canteen Management Systems


Every client has a unique requirement. Working together we’ll discover the right solution which fits in your budget to reach the desired goal.