Enterprise Security Solutions

The enterprise access control solution is used for all types of businesses. Mantra's Enterprise security solutions are known for its scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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Our Enterprise Security Solutions

Our solution gives "concept to completion" service. It provides Business wise security automation, secured access Authorization, and Monitoring of entry/exit at all levels. Nowadays as the security requirements evolve, businesses are looking forward to the robust and future proof solutions that are capable of being deployed flexibly. Mantra addresses these challenges with a scalable offering of reliable enterprise security solution.



Delivery of Authorization to consume Information



Delivery of Authorization for entering the Campus



Provides Authorization through Access

Our security solutions are not only competitive with regard to functionality and price but also reflect the growing technological convergence between Organization's IT and Security systems. They are designed to integrate with a wide range of complementary technologies, including gate automation, building access, gate entry, campus access, Identity management, alerts/alarm and summarize head counts on a dashboard at a common screen. Our systems enhance the effectiveness of your security as well as efficiency and sustainability.

Enterprise access control solution

The enterprise access control solution is used for all types of businesses. Our Enterprise security solutions are known for its scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Enterprise Access Control Solution
Door Entry Access Control System

Door entry access control system

Due to the security concerns, the access control system is considered to be essential for every Business. The main objective of the door entry access control system is to restrict the Unauthorized access to predefined premises. Entry access control system also answers the questions like when, where and who can access to the premises. Our door entry access control system is flexible and scalable to address any Customized requirement.

Entry access control system

In IT park, Sports stadium, Railway & Bus station or any other traveller terminals, crowd management is the most critical and challenging task across all the venues. Our Entry access control solution is suitable for the security check or managing any mass transit station. Our solution has also been designed to provide security at exit & entry points of manufacturing plant, multiplexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry.

Entry Access Control System
Campus Access Control System

Campus access control system

Campus Access Control System is developed to increase campus security and safety with Customized capabilities for the hospital, university, school, offices, IT parks, warehouses, R&D centres, and any other important premises securities. Our Campus Access Control System is cost-effective and is Customized as per the need of the campus security.

Alarm & Alerts Management

We provide an innovative alarm and alert technologies. Our alarm and alert solutions provide security in the workplace and improve operational efficiency. Businesses utilize alarm and alert management for smoke detection, elevator recall and critical system monitoring.

Alarm & Alerts Management
Identity Management System

Identity management system

Electronic identities are frequently used to access physical resources. Identity management systems are responsible for developing, updating and termination of electronic identities. We have expertise in developing and integrating identity management system with the existing digital technology.

Surveillance System

Mantra Surveillance system is intended to enhance the safety and security of the staff, assets, and facilities. There are three elements that characterize good surveillance: Monitoring, Real-time alert & Reporting and Database storage. We have developed a Surveillance system which is easier to deploy, flexible to use and scalable as per clients' requirement.

Surveillance System


Every client has a unique requirement. Working together we’ll discover the right solution which fits in your budget to reach the desired goal.