Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint Scanners are used for recognizing and authenticating the fingerprint of an individual. Fingerprint readers and the scanners are safe and reliable devices for any security authentication.

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The next-generation biometric-based technology offers a dependable, helpful, and authentic way of verifying/identifying an individual's identity utilizing latest Biometric technology based fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanners are being used broadly for enrollment, identification & verification in varied projects where the identity of people is required. Mantra's fingerprint devices offer superior execution, accuracy, and continuance. Our wide ranges of fingerprint scanner devices deliver quick personality verification with a high level of security in a consistent way for various Citizen or Person identity ventures. Different government schemes in India are as of now utilizing Mantra's innovative and advanced biometric machines for identifying and authenticating the beneficiaries securely.



Mantra’s MOXA7 is a portable biometric device utilized for diverse biometric enrollment and identification project needs. MOXA7 is equipped with a rugged fingerprint scanner and rear side 5MP camera to scan Barcode and QR code efficiently.

Barcode, QR Code Reader

Front & Rear Dual Camera

8000 mAH Battery Backup

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Mantra’s MFSTAB II is a wall-mounted time-attendance and access control system. The device utilizes the latest biometric technology to authenticate and identify users with the help of their fingerprint impression.

Shockproof Rugged Design

Barcode Reader with Camera

STQC & FBI PIV Certified Fingerprint Scanner

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Mantra MORPHS 60 is a portable & unique multi fingerprint scanner device use to capture all ten fingerprint images of individuals (four finger-slaps & thumbs of both the hands). The ten-print fingerprint capture device is proficient in capturing both fingerprints ID flats & rolled.

Single rolled / flat finger image capture

Registers four finger slaps & two thumbs

Scratch free sensor surface

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Mantra MFS100 biometric fingerprint scanner is high quality USB fingerprint biometric device for fingerprint authentication. MFS100 is based on optical sensing technology which efficiently recognizes poor quality fingerprints easily.

Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed interface

Scratch free sensor surface

500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor

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MFS500 is a high-quality fingerprint scanner utilized for accurate fingerprint authentication process. MFS500 is devised with an optical scratch free sensor for efficient recognition of poor quality fingerprint.

Fingerprint Sensor : Optical Scratch free sensor

Image Resolution : 500 +/-10 DPI

Platen size : 16.4 mm x 20.0 mm

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Mantra’s MFS500 LX is an advanced & innovative biometric fingerprint scanner, ideal for different biometric-based identification and authentication projects. Our fingerprint sensor is configured with advanced fingerprint scanning technology to offer greater security.

Optical Scratch Free Sensor

500 DPI Image Resolution

STQC Certified

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Mantra mDesk7 fingerprint biometric device offers an ideal platform for mobility, versatility and data security, enabling you to deliver trusted services in any sector at anytime and anywhere. The mDesk7 biometric device has capabilities to verify faultlessly an individual using fingerprint and comparing them to the central server.

Processor 1.2 GHz Quad Core

Display 7 inch or higher, 1024x600 resolution

Internal memory 8 GB

Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n | Bluetooth v4.0

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