Aadhaar Biometric Device for
National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM)

The National Digital Literacy Mission (commonly known by its abbreviation NDLM) is a digital scheme floated by the Central Government to bestow IT training to the rural citizenry for enabling them to acquire digital proficiency. The intention behind this program is to avail digital literacy to the people of the rural sector of the nation. NDLM effectively utilizes the cutting edge biometric devices for registration of the beneficiaries.

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Our Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Device for NDLM

With digitization getting dawned upon the world, the Indian government aims to be stronger digitally and economically. As a consequence, GOI has initiated a digital program named National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM), also referred as the Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (DISHA) offering a major contribution to the 'Digital India'. The Indian villages are thriving towards an expansion of a digital revolution, that being so the central government through NDLM scheme intends to empower the rural populace of the nation with digital IT training. One of the pre-requisites for the registration process of the beneficiaries is deployment of the Aadhaar enabled biometric device for NDLM to efficiently capture the applicants’ fingerprint impressions.

NDLM offers the fundamental training to the beneficiaries on how to utilize the electronic gadgets, operation of internet connection to make the payments and functioning of the computer to carry out basic operations. The training centres are required to employ the Aadhaar enabled biometric device to carry out efficient and scalable registration process of the beneficiaries under NDLM. Our biometric device MFS100 proves to be a best choice for accurate, faultless and efficient registration of the beneficiaries. Our biometric fingerprint scanner supports NDLM in streamlining the registration process of the eligible applicants as we design the biometric devices utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

Infrastructure for Registration Process

To efficiently register the beneficiaries at the NDLM training centres, the following technical infrastructure is required:

More than three to five operational computers enabled with high resolution webcam are pre-requisite.

A reliable internet connection is required for successfully carrying out the beneficiaries’ registration process.

Biometric fingerprint scanner or an iris scanner is must for the registration of eligible beneficiaries which utilizes their physical attributes like fingerprint or iris.

Last but not the least, there shall be power backup in case of the failure of main power.

Mantra is a leader in biometric industry. Our biometric device MFS100 proves to be a best choice for accurate, faultless and efficient registration of the beneficiaries.

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MFS 100

Mantra MFS100 biometric fingerprint scanner is high quality USB fingerprint biometric device for fingerprint authentication. MFS100 is based on optical sensing technology which efficiently recognizes poor quality fingerprints easily.

Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed interface

Scratch free sensor surface

500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor

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