GPS Vehicle Tracking Management System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a comprehensive security and fleet management system. This system is used to discover the location of a vehicle, or an asset with the help of Global Positioning System and other navigation systems operating by satellite. Keeping a track of the exact location and status of the vehicle carrying valuable assets is vital for both personal and business purposes. Our system permits monitoring and controlling of the vehicle/assets via mobile phone, tablet or an online computer through a GPS system.

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This real-time technology enables businesses to ascertain that the drivers are driving organization's vehicle safely, track accurate location and movement of commercial vehicles.

Our GPS system also provides a comprehensive set of graphical reports such as total distance travelled, idling time, over speeding, stoppages and utilization. It also imparts an additional feature of live tracking and provides the feature of customized report generation as per client's requirements. Our GPS vehicle tracking system sends the vehicle's information using GPRS connectivity and GSM-based signals.


The goal of our GPS Vehicle Tracking System is to offer an advanced vehicle tracking solution to commercial as well as non-commercial businesses for improving their vehicle security, reducing unauthorized vehicle use, enhancing operational performance, controlling and reducing fuel expenses, identifying vehicle misuse and much more. Our GPS vehicle tracking system is remarkably applicable to the transportation industry, as fleet management is becoming an essential part of a safer, productive and practical fleet system.

Scope of Work

The scope of our GPS based vehicle tracking and management system is to trace the where about of specific vehicle or person using a GPS & GSM technology. GPS vehicle tracking system is the apparent way for any business to advance its profit, efficiency, customer-service and routing control. Our GPS vehicle tracking system is designed to offer to assist various organizations including construction firms, distribution companies, food delivery services, schools, taxi services, grocery stores, government offices, etc. to monitor and track their vehicles in real-time.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Offers

GPS Fleet Management Solution

The GPS-based fleet tracking system is designed keeping in mind the security of asset or vehicle, customer satisfaction and efficiency of fleet businesses. It will assist the companies:-

To track, examine and manage their fteet more efficiently.

It provides information on route mapping, pick & drop and shows availability of the vehicles.

Transport and Logistics Management Solution

Our transport and logistics solution is designed aiming the security of a transport company's large logistics, by offering easy management of the vehicles used in the transportation and complete transport packages to the importers, exporters as well as domestic customers. Our system offers some compelling features that include:-

Downloading reports that contains data of the total distance travelled and speed of the vehicle.

Decreases the risk of theft as SMS will be sent promptly when any unauthorized use is observed.

Provides the fleet status report for the operation of vehicles like Ac On/Off, Engine On/Off, and so on.

Offers status reports on fuel usage and total mileage.

Allows up-to-the-minute tracking for the vehicles installed with our system i.e. live tracking of the vehicle.

Asset Management Solution

GPS asset tracking and management solution are being used by businesses across a wide variety of industries to track and monitor their equipment fleet assets. Our GPS based asset tracking system allows businesses to improve asset security by monitoring and managing valuable assets in real-time. Our system offers some advanced features that include:-

Engine on/off detection

Door open/close detection

Over-speed alert notifications

Low power or power failure alert and much more

Personal Vehicle Tracking Solution

Personal vehicle tracking system safeguards private vehicles of an individual from the possible risk of theft. Our GPS based tracking system is a robust solution that provides efficient GPS tracking for personal vehicles. It provides extensive features such as:-

SMS alert when an unauthorized person tries to access the vehicle.

Tracks route of the vehicle when it is stolen

Alarm on engine on/off, AC on/off, door open/close

GPS Installation

All the vehicles installed with GPS devices provides exact location, route and time data of the vehicle in any weather conditions. GPS fleet vehicle tracking system can provide ultimate control over your vehicle while you are away from it.

Apart from the real-time position, the GPS receiver also outputs time, velocity and a host of other vehicle related parameters. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

GPRS communication methodology plays a vital role in connecting a GPS tracking system with the server. GPRS technology is best fitted for transferring the data between a mobile device and the central server location. Hence, centralized data acts as an icing on the cake as the data of the driver and vehicles can be monitored, updated and managed from anywhere and at anytime.

Data Analysis

Data analysis becomes easier through alert notifications and report generations. Our system provides various reports such as whereabouts of the vehicle carrying assets, route of the vehicle, it's condition, vehicle-health, etc. Analysis of the data also plays a key role in providing security to the driver and keeping a track of the route they take. Our solution offers customized reports on various activities of the driver, vehicles and the assets.

GSM-Based Technology

Taking into consideration the expansion of mobile communication system in past few years, GSM network offers constructive solutions that include:-

Large network coverage

Sending the location of vehicle through SMS or alert notifications.


Global Positioning System, abbreviated as GPS, is an innovative technology which has made navigation easier beyond our imagination. Our GPS vehicle tracking system makes use of this elementary yet reliable technology, in real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles or assets or personnel.

Here are few benefits that can be achieved using our GPS Vehicle Tracking Management System

Precise Routing

Our system helps to get the precise location of the vehicle that is significant mainly for fleet management. Identifying the exact location of a vehicle is quite essential for productive and effective use of our system to determine:-

How far is the vehicle from its destination?

Is the vehicle currently on the way or stopped?

Is the vehicle stuck in the heavy traffic?

At what time the vehicle/asset will arrive?

Is there any need to change the route, owing to bad weather or any obstacle or traffic jams ahead?

Monitoring Driver Activities

Our system offers a real-time GPS data analysis through which one can keep track of driver activities. Monitoring the driver activities helps driver tro cultivate good practice of protecting the vehicle from damage. GPS fleet tracking can include data collection information such as:-

The speed at which driver is driving vehicle.

If the driver applies severe break or increasing acceleration.

Lower the risk of accidents by getting information of the driving hours of driver.

Security and Safety

Our system provides an overall safety of the driver as well as the vehicle in the following ways:-

Poor visibility, unfamiliarity with the area or darkness does not affect GPS guiding system.

In case of any road mishap, a driver will get an immediate assistance without any delay as our solution will provide an exact location of the vehicle.

Authorities will get immediate alert in case of medical emergency or break down.

Low Maintenance Cost

Our system notifies potential route changes based on bad weather condition or traffic congestion that ultimately reduces the wear and tear costs leading to low maintenance. Our GPS based vehicle tracking system also reduces operational costs of businesses and helps the transportation industry in improving their productivity.

Fuel Efficiency

Reduces the fuel consumption as our GPS system provides best path guidance in case of heavy traffic along with shortening the path. One can also monitor key aspects such as engine oil and the overall health of the vehicle i.e. fuel and mileage monitoring.

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