Parking Management System

In the current scenario of parking management system, optimal usage of parking space and the abruptness to park vehicles are critical factors. Technology based Parking Management System is an automated and advanced solution that provides management of vehicles right from an entry in the parking area to the exit. Optimizing the parking space for vehicles is still a problematic area for businesses, Government offices, various public places as well as municipalities authorities in multiple cities across India. Our Parking Management System offers a productive implementation of the parking resources.

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Our Parking Management System will ease people's task of finding safe parking spots in real time. The system helps an individual to pre-book the parking spot from the distant area, reducing traffic congestion and allowing a user to know the availability of parking space in advance.

Our parking management solution can significantly offer benefit to both the user and the parking lot owner as it helps in reducing traffic by enhancing user experience. This system supports various parking applications that can easily handle and organize the data of vehicles. To rectify the complications of parking security, our parking management system allows to recognize and validate the automobiles at both entry and exit points.

Since we believe that every parking management system is unique, one may require customized parking management systems in order to achieve optimal operation and we provide a custom parking management solution as per your requirements in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, payment systems, and access management.


The aim of implementing Parking Management System is to reduce time and increase efficiency of the current Parking Management System. In overpopulated cosmopolitan zones, parking strategies must be wellimplemented for management of vehicles. The system provides details of the vacant parking slots in the vicinity and reduces the traffic issues due to illegal parking in the vicinity. It is designed with an objective to meet the requirements of controlled parking that offers effortless parking tactics to the authorities.

Our Solutions

Parking Management System offers a solution to both - the parking lot owner and the vehicle owner as it facilitates hassle free vehicles parking and reduces parking management costs. The system provides multiple solutions that include:

On-Street Parking Control System

Our parking management system offers innovative parking solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology for on-street parking system.

Integration of access control

Our integrated parking management system comprises of access control and security features such as CCTV for surveillance, RFID, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). It is devised to address the requirements in vehicle access control for secured and paid parking provisions.

Parking Guidance System

Our parking guidance system helps in informing users about the availability of parking slots and location of vacant slots. It is further classified into two types - internal and external.

Valet Parking System

Our valet parking system is an automated, effective and dependable solution. The users can be relieved from the time and effort spent behind looking for the parking space.

Scope of Work

Parking Management System utilizes IOT, RFID and Biometric technology, that lets the user utilize parking areas proficiently, reducing time to search the free parking spaces. We offer a comprehensive parking management system design, with complete parking solution through integrated system with the help of latest technology. Our smart solution includes device installation, customized web system development, operations support and maintenance.

Mantra's Parking Management Solution Offers

Our Parking Management System offers a one-stop parking solution providing end-to-end services from design, system integration, installation to operation support and maintenance. We have the ability to execute large-scale parking management system projects across India. We are capable enough to provide the solution by following a range of products:-

1. On-Street Parking Control System

Parking Management System offers innovative parking solution that utilize cutting-edge technology for onstreet parking system. The system will allow efficient use of on-street parking spaces or areas. We are capable to provide the solution with following range of products:-

Pay and display terminals

Parking meters management software

Single or multi-space parking meters

Pre-paid or paid parking meters

2. Integrated Parking Management System

Integrated Parking Management System comprises of access control and security features such as CCTV for surveillance, RFID, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). It is devised to address the requirements in vehicle access control for secured and paid parking provisions. Using this technology, alphabets and numbers on the number plate will be derived. Most of the functioning is based upon ANPR feature as it will capture a vehicle's number plate. Also, CCTV cameras can act as surveillance for monitoring of the vehicles.

Features & Benefits of Integrated Parking Management System

At the entry and exit gates, parking tickets can be easily verified against the vehicle captured with the help of ANPR feature.

The Integrated Parking System is quite helpful in detecting lost/stolen vehicle.

Helps in identifying whether the vehicle entering in the parking area is paid or unpaid.

Tracks entry of undesired vehicles in protected parking zones such as hospitals or government premises.

3. Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System helps in informing users about the availability of parking slots and location of vacant slots as they move forward. It is further classified into two types - internal and external.

Internal Guidance System

Internal Guidance System will help the users to find the unoccupied slots from a distance with changeable signals installed on the top of each parking slot. The devices installed will emit red light in case of occupied slots and emit green light if the slot is vacant.

External Guidance System

When a user proceeds to the parking gateway, the external guidance system displays vacant slots in each location or level with the help of variable message signs. Moreover, display signs can be placed in the vicinity of your premises to assist in parking guidance.

Features & Benefits of Parking Guidance System

System Back-up :- In case of network failure, individual computers placed at all the exits and entries will store the data, and also transfers the stored data to the server once the network will establish again.

Cost-effective :- The system is easy to configure and is relatively maintenance free, even in long-term operation.

High Security & Safety :- It provides a profoundly secured transformation of data on client's personal information and payment details.

Multi-purpose Network :- System's network can be used by multiple services, required for the functioning of proper parking.

Saves Time :- At highly populated facilities, when users visit shopping malls, they can spend extra time shopping rather than wasting time in seeking parking space. However, at airports, users can reach boarding gates on-time as the system reduces traffic tie-up at entrances.

Availability of Parking Space :- Visibility of the available parking slots will increase at every location/level.

4. Valet Parking System

Valet Parking System is an automated, effective and reliable solution. The users can be relieved from the time and effort spent behind looking for the parking space.

Features & Benefits of Valet Parking System

Allocates a specified parking slot to each individual opting for valet parking.

Label a parking space as available soon after the valet parking vehicle leaves the parking slot.

Label a parking space as unavailable once the valet parking vehicle enters the parking slot.

Maintain a record of the number of available and unavailable parking slots.

To approve the identification of a driver, a bar-coded ticket is linked with the valet attendance ID.

A bar-coded ticket, given to the user comprises of the following information:

Date and time of the parking

Bar-coded ticket number

Parking area allotment for valet parking vehicle

The system can provide creation of computergenerated reports, adopting a computerized procedure right form issuance of a parking ticket, slot allocation, reoccupying the vehicle to billing.

5. Entries and Exits

Our Parking Management System utilizes a variety of automated technologies to record the entry and exit time of the parking vehicles along with the other data. We use some of the following technologies for entries and exits of the vehicle :-

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Magnetic Strip for Cards/ Tickets

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Barcode Technology

Features & Benefits of Entries and Exits

The system enables parking fee payments through :-

Manual Cashier

Payment by Subscription

Cash or Cashless Payment

The system automates the entry of the parking vehicle with the help of :-

Vehicle Detection

Automatic Barriers

ANPR Camera, RFID Devices, Card Dispenser for Entry Log Devices

6. Parking Management System

Our Parking Management System provides user management solutions with ultra-modern features that include:-

Alert Notifications

We have a feature to trigger the alert in case of failures like fire alarm, theft of the vehicle, water logging, and in such similar cases.

User Management and Audit

The system registers user activities to trace his vehicle for future needs. Every operator is allocated a user name, password and an authorization profile.

Control Over the Device

All the devices connected to the system can be controlled and monitored with the help of device control system.

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